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Sandy Kreps

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My Story

I got hooked on Scentsy almost instantly when I first saw it in 2011. No flame? Great smells? AND I get free stuff for hosting? Sweet!
I didn't think I would have time to sell Scentsy with a full-time job, a husband with a crazy work schedule and a very active toddler, but I decided to start my Scentsy business so I could earn commission when I fed my Scentsy addiction. After having my second baby in 2012, I knew I needed to switch to a part-time job and spend more time on Scentsy and on my children.
I had no idea how much Scentsy would impact my life. Because of Scentsy, I completed my first 5K -- jogging down the Las Vegas Strip! Because of Scentsy, I get to be home Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Because of Scentsy, I have made new friends. Now I have a third kiddo, and I'm still at it! (Plus, my house smells terrific, and my car definitely needs a Scentsy boost with those kids!)
If you want to explore what starting a Scentsy Family business could do for you, host a party, or just grab a coffee and chat, then please reach out. I'd love to connect with you!

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